De:colonising de:sign is a project that started off with an interest in alternative design pedagogy that deviated from the western euro-centric perspective. It evolved into a larger discussion on epistemological practice. The focus shifted onto bringing value in alternative design knowledge systems as well as examining the role of power, privilege and wealth in a design education system. This is an ongoing project that finds different methods and approaches to introduce decentralizing insitutional practices.





PDFs & readers

Decolonizing Reader (resources)_Collaborative (open) edition google docs – Ramon Tejada

Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Education PDF  

On Critical Pedagogy

 Constructing the Pluriverse Bernd Reiter

Design Pedagogy in India: A Perspective
Singanapalli Balaram

Graphic Design Readings

The Undercommons: Fugitive Planning and BlackStudy


 1. Decolonizing Design, Imagining Alternative Futures, Arturo Escobar in conversation with RISD faculty, Namita Dharia, Jess Brown, Ramon Tejada, and Ijlal Muzaffar.

2. Can the Universal Be Specific? – Ruben Pater: The Politics of Design

3. Decolonization as an urgent imperative | 2016 AIGA Design Conference

4.  Decolonising the Curriculum | Melz Owusu | TEDxUniversityofLeeds

5. We Must Decolonize Our Museums | Cinnamon Catlin-Legutko | TEDxDirigo

6.  Decolonization Is for Everyone | Nikki Sanchez | TEDxSFU



Vikalp Design


Decolonising Design–A Perspective on Decolonising Design Informed by Difference, Aimed Towards the Idea of Realising a Pluriverse, a World of Many Worlds.

“Decolonizing Means Many Things to Many People”—Four Practitioners Discuss Decolonizing Design

Entangled Visions: The Birth of a Radical Pedagogy of Design in India
by Kalpana Subramanian

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